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Sam The Astronaut – Midnight Carlight

‘You got me in chains, tryna pick love when the seasons change’ is the compelling yet complex first line of Sam The Astronaut’s latest release ‘Midnight Carlight’.

Frustration, loneliness, heartbreak and a willingness to go on in a dead end relationship are just a few of the winding roads depicted in the track. But the theme of giving up is constantly present throughout.‘But i just stay coz i’m love struck baby’.

The laid back drums followed by a simplistic bassline and soothing keys allows everything to gel together seamlessly and cohesively. The vocal adds great depth and expression throughout. Especially in the chorus where it all tends to be more poignant.

Dawn Pembertons guest appearance on the track is simply breathtaking. The interluded screams are an embracing and refreshing touch. It adds texture and warmth but doesn’t take anything away from the already fixated groove. Everytime i hear the screams i can vividly hear a blend of ‘Great gig in the sky’ (Pink Floyd) and ‘Redbone’ (Childish Gambino)

The mashup nobody knew they needed.

‘Midnight Carlight’ is the lead single off the upcoming album ‘Sophomore’

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Article by Ashleigh Vaughan

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