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The Zolas – Energy Czar

Out of the indie cosmos comes The Zolas. ‘Energy Czar’ is the band’s triumphant return since releasing the album ‘Swooner’ back in 2016.

Zach Gray says, “The name Energy Czar came before the song itself. I wanted to write something about our delusions of domination over nature. How with climate change Mother Earth is starting to remind us that we’re not in charge here and never were.”

Since the bands 4 year hiatus things have changed dramatically, the foremost being the change to the natural world. With cause and effect being the main subject to the

bands latest release they make a great political, but yet socially grounded stance.

As soon as you press play your in for a feel good journey. The indie goodness flows throughout. Gushing guitars, anthemic vocals and a tight rhythm section. What’s not to like ? Don’t let the feel good vibes take the political message away from the track. Even though you wont be able to stop tapping your feet or bobbing your head. Who doesn’t love a great woohoo too? Right?

‘Energy Czar’ is out now on all major streaming services. Just dont leave it 4 years to release new music guys.

Article by Ashleigh Vaughan

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