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(Gha-Nine-ja) is a Nigerian born, Bolton based musician. His mother is Nigerian and his father is Ghanaian. When he came across Jamaican singer Jayano, he was influenced to consider afrobeat as his forte instead of rap. The pair released ‘Kolo’ , a song which gained attention and airplay, which then sparked inspiration for them to form […]


This is an interview exploring the identity of an up-and-coming house producer Adam Guitart, stage-name ‘Zurra’, who has recently moved to Bristol, a place he describes as a “beautiful city.” Upon asking him a series of questions about his musical background, he has delivered some intriguing answers that I am going to share with you. To […]

An insider in to these musicians lives

Is it being in the spotlight or pushing to make it, living completly for music or fame? What exactly do these musicians have in common? Millie Weaver (singer who has performed on The Voice U.K) had this to say about the pressures she faces. “I feel the main pressure on musicians is just seeing other […]

Oma Desala

Lancaster-based Oma Desala are set for a breakout year in 2018.  The psychedelic rock duo, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Will Eagles and drummer Aaron Leigh released their most recent single Velours Parfait in early December and have bigger plans for the year ahead.  They talk all things Oma Desala with DAN MORRIS, including where that name […]