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Author: Musik Magazine

Vinci Tommy T

The latest E.P. from Vinci Tommy T comes gift wrapped, celebrating the 25th birthday of the Congolese rapper, now based in Cambridge U.K, with roots in France and also an upbringing in The Netherlands. His broad geographical history is relevant as it shines through in his vocal style and flow, instantly setting him apart from […]


For US singer/songwriter Akira there was always a desire to immerse himself within the realm of entertainment, inspired by Shakira (witness his name – a play on hers) his first love was dance where he would spend endless hours learning choreography and performing for school peers. He says: ‘it was around the age of 13 […]

The Aces

We recently had the chance to check out The Aces in San Diego, CA. The first thing that stood out about this show before the band even took the stage was their fan base. They started lining up early in the morning to try and be front row, and once doors opened they raced down […]