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Category: Guest Writers

REL- Surgery

R E L is a 23yr old singer-songwriter who describes her sound as a genre of which she has created called EVOCA – POP. Her new single entitled ‘Surgery’ is a thought provoking track with a focus on an important and hard hitting topic of self love. More importantly, the track provides insight into overcoming […]

ONUR – Stunnah

Your sexy after hours playlist is looking a little dry – here, take a hit of this. London’s contemporary R&B singer and songwriter, ONUR is unveiling his second single Stunnah. Onur has just the remedy to massage your tense spine and soothe and ruffle the feathers of your next lucky date, ‘Stunnah’. Feel it yet? […]

Dalliance- Resistance

It’s totally refreshing to hear a brand new indie rock band from the north of England releasing their debut single in the tradition of trashed out guitar moodiness and melodic vocals  – and we love it. Dalliance are set to release their single “Resistance” online on November the 9th and let’s hope it gets the […]

Sweeney Astray

Three piece Mike, Katie and Anna form Sweeney Astray who produce and play indie folk infused melodies with a clear passion for working as well as performing within the arts. Their track ‘Silver Rain’ is a simple ensemble laced with emotive lyrics and velvet like guitar parts, where from beginning to end the listener is […]

E. Alvin- Mantra

E.Alvin, a minimalism spiked solo singer from Connecticut, is making his own way in his devotion to music. He has created a sphere of synthetic vibrance, which he expresses in his song. Drawing inspiration from filmmaker John Carpenter and POP / experimental-R&B singers such as Broods and Banks. E.Alvin although sometimes compared to these, he still […]