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Dave Shurr – Killing Time

Dave Shurr is back to bless us with yet another musical masterpiece – this time for “Killing Time”.

Shurr states: “I wrote this song on the edge of the world at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro, California. There is a youth hostel onsite that’s refurbished out of old army barracks. When you stay there, on your front doorstep is a perfect 180º panorama of the glistening blue West Coast. That place holds a certain magic… Not to mention a million dollar view that sets you back less than 20 dollars out of season”.

The track begins with an almost folk fingerpicking atmosphere, including lyrics such as “blinded by the morning light so that it’ll pass you by”. This is definitely a track that can ease your mind and make you feel as peaceful as Shurr must have writing it.

Article by Emma Stevens

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