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Bottlecap Mountain – Dismayland

Today I want to introduce you to the band Bottlecap Mountain, based in Austin/Texas who just released their new album “Dismayland”.


Bottlecap Mountain stands for power pop and rock, intense tunes and well chosen lyrics, true handmade music!

The Band:

Stewart Gersmann, vocals & guitar

Chris Stnagland, bass

Yvonne Love, keys & vocals

Bruce Earl, guitar, vocals

The Album:

“Dismayland”, first song from the album, starting with a great guitar sound and I love the part of the spoken words. A powerful start to the album.

“The Big Sleep”, a softly start with a catchy melody, a great chorus, and great  thoughtful lyrics.

Golden Heart” sounds a bit like a song from a musical. Violins and acoustic guitarfit perfectly,great to listen to.

Compliments & Such”sounds a bit like a country song where the desire for a motorcycle ride through the wild west comes up. And the drums are ace! My favorite song on the album.

“King Of Almost”, starts furious and then sounds calmer again, a good change from up beat to relaxing sounds.

“Cry, Goodbye, another song with a great guitar work and also the drums are terrific too, well written lyrics complete this track.

“Poirot Jones has a fantastic guitar solo in it and it’s another song that makes me feel like I’m in a Western movie.

“You Float Me, a song with a nice flow, a love song whose sound reminds me of the Beatles.

“Metamorphosis, a catchy melody  that goes straight to the ear and I love the lyrics, a powerful and passionate song with another great guitar riff in it.

“Cupboard”, an incoming melody, the song builds up slowly, guitar, bass and drums complement each other perfectly.

“Dismayland” is a wonderful album, varied and with a more than successful mix of classic rock music and country, some Musical elements. A joy to listen to and definitely an album that makes you want more.

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Article by Martina Doerner

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