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PHNTMS – Towers

PHNTMS new track is all about one of the things that can create both the most hopeful and disappointing experiences of our lives; expectations.

“When things get hard, if you aren’t happy with yourself and the situation your in, no one can change that but you. At the end of the day, as humans, our expectations are the reason why we feel disappointment. Having your own personal goals is the reason you keep on pushing. Towers is a reflection of that,” Adam Jessamine of PHNTMS confides.

The track spans across alternative and various rock genres and it manages to stand out well – I think it’ll definitely stand the test of time.

In addition to this, half of the band identify as queer, with PHNTMS wanting to and hoping to reach out and fully support the LGBTQA+ community. Drummer Gene Murphy confides, “We openly talk about lesbian relationships in our music and we want to bring hope to anyone who is in the closet and doesn’t feel safe coming out. Whether you are out as queer or not, your identity is valid and if our music helps you escape heteronormativity for a brief moment.”

Definitely a track well worth a listen!

Article by Emma Stevens

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