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Alfie Neale – everywhere/nowhere

Alfie Neale is a singer, songwriter and producer originally from Dorset and now based in Brighton.

His brave mix of styles investigate elements of pop, soul, disco, jazz and hip-hop.”

His latest E.P everywhere/ nowhere for ITM Talent has five tracks on it.

The first song ‘Mercury’ sets up the listener with pop and lo-fi vibes which reminded me of a likeness to band Easy Life.

The party starter ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’ is full of breezy beats, soulful vocals and groovy jazz chords adding a whole new depth to the song.

The catchy keys and chorus has such a brilliant rhythm, fast and steady.

The listener is greeted with a surprise appearance from Isaiah Dreads. His bars on the middle section made an infectious change to the track.

Unlike the name it actually ‘Makes You Want to Dance.’ The final outro has a collection of jazz infused beats that just add to that final elation in your eardrums.

‘Lifetime’ has a softer spoken style with soulful lyrics like poetry. “you could be the Sunday morning sunlight through my blinds.” This has an element of romance to it, making for some easy listening.

‘She Doesn’t Love Me’ – has an emotive feel, a song about feelings and talking openly about it.Our tempers are razor blades and I bet it won’t be over in the morning.” This tells a tale of losing love and indicating a relationship on the rocks.

‘When the Winds Change’ this is part of the final chapter of the E.P.

We got the feel it was telling a story about someone content with living but yearning for someone, going out with their friends and meeting someone. Falling in love then drifting apart and finally being content and repairing.

This E.P has made use of weather based similes and seems to describe the changing seasons through song, making the listener feel like ;

Spring could be the track ‘Mercury’,

‘Summer could be ‘I Don’t Want to Dance’ and ‘Lifetime’,

Autumn being ‘She Doesn’t Love Me’

and winter being “When The Wind’s Change.”

Alfie Neale’s everywhere/nowhere has intricate, soulful lyrics accompanied with both mixes of jazz and hip hop infused beats making it a unique, well produced piece of art.

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