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R1chie – Liabilities

R1tchie is a London based up and coming rapper.

His new track will be out in April.

Musik caught up with R1chie and talked about his experience and inspiration so far being in the music business.

“I’ve grown up with the music industry. As I’ve been surrounded by musicians my whole life with my dad being a producer alongside my godfather. It was hard to avoid and it helped me develop a passion seeing artists on stage performing something that means a lot to them. It made me want to do what they do.”

Taking inspiration from life to write his brand new track ‘Liabilities’ out soon!

“Growing up I’ve learned that people will try and out you at a disadvantage when they see you doing well or see you as a target,

‘Liabilities’ is about having a mindset that goes completely against those people.”

Getting in the zone to create new music is always a challenge, especially when wanting to create new content for your fans…

“To get in the zone while writing I usually head to the studio and play beats at max volume until I’ve found one I click with. Then after that’s I play it on loop and just think about what’s going on in my life, or in the lives of people who I’m closest to and put pen to paper. “

“While I want my fans to feel and understand what I am saying in my lyrics. I also want them to feel the flow and beat as it’s part of my art and that’s just as important to me. The lyrics and the flow I create are my therapy and the beats complete it.”

Who inspires you the most ?

My cousins inspire me the most, I have amazing older cousins who I look up to, some in the music industry, some in the business industry who have actively and positively pushed me to do better.

They have no limits so neither do I.”

Here is one of his latest release ‘Through The Night.’

Article by Musik Magazine (2022)

Special thanks from R1chie –

Charlotte, Dominic, Danielle and Andre. Creative Director William Baker, Flare Worldwide, CassellBeats and my Hrtznetwork family.

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