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The Creature Appeal

First things first, these guys should be proud of themselves.

If somebody said to me up and coming indie band.

I think, I wonder who inspired you this time? Arctic Monkeys again?

But oh I was so wrong with my assumptions these guys have more to them than impersonation of the greats.

The Creature Appeal On my Mind, needs to be blasted through a speaker because they’re somewhat muted beyond what they should be. (Turn your vocals up a notch please they’re beautiful.)

I’ll tell you why… the drum beat actually moved my soul, the vocals are catchy, the flow works well, the tempo draws you in and their accents make it.

I couldn’t possibly judge them without listening to their more recent stuff, Circular Sunglasses, I Need To Know and  Where Will I find You Tonight.

Out of all of them the third stood out to me the most, I felt like I’d stepped back in to the 2000s when iconic indie artists were on the switch and getting big at their prime playing Top Of The Pops.

The guitar in this made me feel like I was backstage at Glastonbury. All I can say is absolute tune !

The tempo change halfway through Nine is tricky but you pull it off fabulously.

I wasn’t expecting it!

I think they have so much potential and and next time this Birmingham band play I want to hear them live.

They sound like they’d be the kind of band that have a bigger impact on people live, I don’t think that their recorded music does them justice.

This up and coming band need to be louder and then everyone will want to hear them.

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