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Natalie Shay – Yesterday

The hypnotic, sensual build up to the song plays havoc with your senses, then in her Gabrielle Aplin style voice she captivates your emotions, her higher sweet sounding ranges don’t sound like her own.

I do feel she has broadcast some of her own style to the listener but hasn’t this popular Taylor Swiftesque, Gabrielle Aplin, Dreams vibe been done before?

Yesterday then started to remind me of the track A team by Ed Sheeran, in the way Shay’s voice alters in pitch, range and seems to fit the tune of it.

The odd thing is then something seems to happen and the track creeps up inside your eardrums and becomes something different entirely.

It sounds so innocent, but the more you listen to it the colder it starts to sound.

A distant whirl of cries towards someone else who hasn’t put her first.

It’s a breakup song, get your life back on track kind of song that should be played on repeat by the broken hearted.

I love her voice and the sound but I’d want to hear something far more dangerous, going outside of the Disney Princess bubble and venturing in to being bolder and fiercer.

I understand that may not be what Shay is about but it’s something that I believe would make her more memorable.

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