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Opal Skies new single out the 7th of April.

Opal Skies are to release their new single ‘All His Life, and After’ on the 7th of April.

 “All His Life, and After takes the perspective of a higher power observing two sides of a breakup, in this case a male and female couple. There are so many contrasting emotions from both parties, and their own emotions often conflict with each other. The observer first focuses on the male character noting his longing and regret. Suddenly, the mood switches. The anger, control and desperation kick in and the observer turns away. The observer moves to the female character and sees her loneliness and confusion. Again, the anger and desperation kick in but this time they cannot look away. The couple come together and they argue, accusing each other for their demise. They both run away from each other just to arrive back together, having to deal with the mess they have made.”

Opal Skies

The Impressive tempo changes throughout the song add exciting elements to the narrative, as the story unravels the listener is fixated on the outcome. Each section of the song seems to tell it from a different perspective.

Dark and moody undertones, mixed with the use of isolated sounds entice you in, metal influences are prevalent as well as a multi genre surprising element just before the outro.

‘All His Life, and After’ is a memorable, thrilling and thunderous song with lots of shock factors, the sudden breaks in the track just add to the theatrics.

Catch the band on Spotify or YouTube with the links below.

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