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KeepVibesNear – Estranged

“Estranged” is immediately attention-capturing with its conversational speak-sing style of vocals. The production is minimalistic and not over arranged, allowing the lyrics the space they deserve to really stand out.

There are pauses throughout the song, perhaps allowing the singer and/ or the listener time to reflect on some of the statements; “I’m just tryna change your perception” and “Tell me what I’m doing wrong”. This relates well to the song subject which is about challenging male stereotypes in relationships despite actually being dedicated, faithful and in love. It’s an interesting subject and one that is not spoken or sung about enough.

We have all been in situations where we have been accused of doing things we haven’t done – from taking the last biscuit to cheating – and this makes the song highly empathic due to how powerless we can feel when accused. The relaxing, alternative R&B soundscape is both moving and adaptable.

The music video is greyscale and features various scenes from the artist looking sleek and performing in a wood, with a female actor perhaps dancing freely in front of him. Perhaps this is an ode to the song subject; the artist is trying to plead with his lover that is dedicated and loyal as the partner continues her life with paranoia.

Words Emma Stevens

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