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The Big Peach – SAD

Imagine a parade of men dressed head to toe in pin striped suits with the pointed cuffs and collars, paisley shirts peeking out from beneath.

The women, some have short angular bobs, eyelashes like spiders legs, careful geometric eyeliner, these were just one of the many clans that existed in this era…

Fast forward to the late 60s and this is when people started growing their hair a little more, wearing a less tapered leg to the suits and of course the most interesting dabbling with “Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds.”

You ask yourself, have you ever heard of The Beatles?

The answer will always be of course you have, everybody has?

Fast forward nearly sixty years another historical moment happened, (The Big Peach Band was formed.)

Photo credit – Heba Suarez Fernandez @heeba_sf

Manchester’s own Beatles, a living history only in a new era, celebrating all that of the past, rock, pop and psychedelia “ a proper nod towards the 60s.”

They are going to release a new single SAD which will be out on the 3rd of December.

I had a sneak peak..

The introduction of the song gives essence to Hank Marvin’s Apache, perhaps because the classic is also of the era (well one year out.)

I had a listen to their other songs some of them stood out to me.

‘Down So Long’ , a single that came out this February which adopts the fast paced, swinging backing that you just feel in your bones, following a guitar solo with riffs to die for, (Hendrix would want a battle.)

It’s a bold move to copy the icons as you have to ask can you ever be as good as The Beatles?

Photo credit – Heba Suarez Fernandez @heeba_sf

My favourite track is ‘Rain Song’ it’s got such a lovely lyrical quality to it that really speaks to me, a gentler approach, with softer sounding vocals and a slower pace.

This would be so interesting to see as a stripped back performance like when The Beatles sang ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ on the roof.

Many bands just copy successful people before them, it’s hard to be original when everything has been done before?

You have to have your own personality and own it.

Even though The Big Peach Band are inspired by musicians from a different era, they have their own modern take on everything and what is heard in their music isn’t them trying to be someone else.

They have character and they own it.

The sixties will always need reviving, an era of positive changes and free thinking amongst the country, shifting attitudes were changed towards women and their roles in society.

Music ruled above and gave us the strength to live, bringing communities together.

Who wouldn’t want a bit of that ! https://ditto.fm/sad-the-big-peach/

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