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Eamon McGrath – Yellow Sticker


There’s something incredibly solace when listening to Eamon McGrath. “Yellow Sticker” is a fresh take on a McGrath fan favourite. With the use of just a few instruments and all emphasis on McGrath’s expressive vocals, it’s as welcoming as it is haunting.

It flows seamlessly with Mcgraths isolated lyrical approach clearly at the helm, it works beautifully.
The acoustic guitars blend together naturally and the simplicity of the overall feel just works. Less is more and more is usually very underwhelming.

Eamon Mcgrath is able to use the same recipe but change the ingredients used and the results are sensational.

‘Yellow Sticker’ is the latest release from the much anticipated new album ‘The Long Hard Road’ and is now available on all streaming services.


Words Ashleigh Vaughan

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