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Blair Lee, ModMaxx – Less or More

Drifting in on a bed of warm acoustic brushes and soft melodies, “Less or More” immediately introduces itself as another piece of plaintive, chilled folk music that Blair Lee has taken as her trademark. Produced by ModMaxx, the single builds around a simple piano riff to create an entrancing, comforting track that’ll keep you company through these lonely times.

While the track doesn’t avoid the common pitfalls many female folk singers fall into of sounding somewhat twee, Lee’s voice helps the single stand on its own two feet. Her lush, velvety tones provide a calming serenity that adds new dimensions to the gentle soundscapes. Her lyrics provide a nostalgic feel that continually draws you in, creating images in your head of vivid childhood images that weren’t yours, but feel like they are.

The track features a number of subtle touches that distances it from your typical soft acoustic background. The soft brushes on the drums, the twinkling whispers of the backing vocals, and the delicate piano backing offer a fuller, more rounded sound than would have been found with just a guitar. It shows that Lee has more gifts as a musician than her folk leanings would have first shown.

So if you’re looking for a track to lull you into relaxation while you relax in the sun in the garden, waiting for the world to finally go back to normal, Blair Lee has got you covered.

Words Jack Murphy


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