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Most People – Breathe

As part of their new album Call Me Up, Most People have released a new indie-pop song called Breathe.

The ‘80s inspired track, infused with early ‘90s hifi pop, is very unpredictable in its pacing and direction. Its combination of genres gives it the edge it needs to keep fans listening.
It contains a smooth and funky tune that sticks in the mind due to its great bridge and fun chorus. It gives off the essence of a live performance due to the echoey vocals and soft backing voices adding to the experience. The voice on the track is not something you would expect for the song it is, but it works incredibly well.
The inclusion of the brilliant saxophone gives the song its edge. The guitar riffs, the wonderful amalgamation of indie, pop and blues gives it its dubious sense of thrilling direction. This and the instrumental are the pinnacle of the song.
Breathe is an alluring musical experience that takes you on a lyrical journey and ends with the classic fade out, remarkably reminiscent of 80’s music.

Click here to listen.

Words Gemma Nettle

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