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Woodley Taylor-Breathe A Little Deeper

I listened to his Album and it did appeal to me. The genre was labelled as rock, I found certain songs stood out to me.


I thought it had such a nice melody, the guitar really carried the tune nicely.

The build up was really nice and gradual and his voice was very therapeutic,a sweet soulful voice with a husk it just worked with the song really well.

I enjoyed the guitar at the end of song, it felt like you were in the room with him.

Little Miss

The track sounded like it had strong country and western influence I thought this because of the way the strings sounded.

I like the song it reminded me slightly in the style of Jonny Cash. Woodley Taylor did put his own style on the song and is not a copy cat artist.

In this particular track I got a slight hint of Jonny Cash because of the way he began the song with the guitar and brought in the vocals gently.

I found that he had a good use of harmonies and you can clearly hear the female voice and it compliments it very well.

I think he sounds like he has a very quirky mature voice.

The Only Love I Need

This had beautiful harmonies and I just felt like it could have been in a Disney soundtrack.

It actually sounded very inspiring, to hear a man and a woman sing about love side by side it just felt emotional.

I felt like I wasn’t expecting this song to be in the album as it could have had a very strong music video to go with it and have done wonders as a single.

It’s A Long Shot

The vocals were slighter heavier however it gelled so well with the melody.

It sounded powerful and just gave a feel good vibe, the melodic sharp rocky sound went so well with his gruff voice.

I think that it’s amazing to hear an album that shows off a vocal range of such diversity.

Still Bringing Me Down

This slower song sounded really emotive and actually made me slow down my though process and relax.

I listened hard to the lyrics and they are so deep and meaningful. There was a crash in the song that made me think of a wave breaking.

The higher notes and the guitar solo sounded incredible. I actually think this song is one of my favourites.

The singing at the end is interesting he sings over his own voice and the female backing vocalist is introduced back in.

Pretty Love

This song begins with a rolling drum beat that then turns in to a nice melody.

I like the use of rhyming in this song. The lyrics all worth so well together and it’s just a nice upbeat track.

I think that love is definitely an ongoing theme in this album from families to break up to being in love it covers every aspect.

The range of styles are great and although it does fit in with a singer/ songwriter rocky vibe I think the use of country and indie really gives it a diverse sounding style.

It makes the album a bit more interesting as you don’t know what you’re going to get. All the songs were of the same quality.

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