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The Hanover are playing at the Sound Basement in Liverpool on the 24th of November.

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I decided to review the songs they had on Soundcloud.

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I liked the twinkly build up, the fact that the vocals come straight in, it immediately gave a feel good vibe.

The drum beat and quirky repetitiveness that just made it stick in my head. It made it sound really catchy and made me want to listen on.

I also liked the climax in which it just built up and up and then gradually faded out.


You can hear the keyboard in the introduction of the song. Really good quality.

This track has a sweet start to it, it has a soft tone to it, that remains throughout the song.

The steady pace made it easy listening.

I did enjoy listening to it, I thought it was a nice relaxing chilled out song.


The change in his vocal range in this song is prominent.

You can hear that in this particular track his voice is heavier.

It has a heavier beat. It sounds almost shouty towards the middle. The use of funky beats and sounds protrude through your ears.


Lunar’s introduction had a slight Sims video game vibe, it sounded quite modern and unusual.

It made me feel like I could imagine it being played in the background of Sims 2, (I don’t mean that in a negative way.)

I just felt it contained technological sounds that were abstract and quirky.

Photo sourced from Hanover

Hanover’s sound gave the impression that they have a lot of personality that reflected well through their music.

I would be interested to see how they perform live and although described as pop music they aren’t mainstream sounding.

I thought that they had a good reflection of originality and I’m keen to see what new sounds they bring in the future.



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