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Sticky Fingers @ The O2 Ritz Manchester

Sticky Fingers brought in a crowd in Manchester, after receiving a huge following over here not just in Australia.

These talented artists are performing perfectionists with topless keyboard players, to cane waving singers, they will catch your eye and they’ll do it in style.

The set was extravagant but only through their personalities, a strong stage presence kept the crowd present and drew them to throw the drinks and put every single lighter up in the air. (which was of course a fire hazard, I watched on as this caused every security guard around to grimace.)

They obviously played their new stuff but they delved in and out of their well known tracks such as the likes of Australia Street and How to Fly.

This of course caused huge uproar within the crowd, couples wept and danced, whilst imitators in bucket hats bopped.

They were brilliant though,  absolutely!

The non stop mystical, hypnotic whirlwind of emotions filled with brims of confident oozing out of each of them.

If you want artists with personality then these are the band for you.

Pure talent, pure enthusiasm pure class.

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