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True Vibenation (supporting Sticky Fingers) @ The O2 Ritz Manchester

True Vibenation were exceptional openers, the Australian trio brought their amazing rhythmic jams to the north.

They were not only powerful in their presence but they invented a whole new dance move whilst singing, playing multiple instruments and maintaining eye contact.

It sounds mad and it was.

They showcased their incredible musical ability when they performed their own songs.

The jazzed up covers of well known songs still sounded so unique and left the audience in a state of shock (in a good way.)

They surprised the audience by playing a cover of one of Skepta’s songs!

Who would have ever thought that they’d  be able to make a well known grime song become a soul and Afrobeat tribute.

Dressed extravagantly with bucket hats and pinstriped overalls, floral shirts and bandanas they had it all.

This extravaganza of  horn playing musicians are influential and people should take more risks with music just like they did.

One minute it was soulful the next it was heavy beats and the  “Ape Sh*t dance.”

This was a perfect display of audience participation when they showed Manchester a modern twist on skanking. With your hands in the air you just let yourself go.

They made it look so easy, especially when they were joined by a fourth member and started rapping, is there anything they can’t do?

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