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Emily – Maybelleen

The music video opens with a shot that you could almost picture on an advertisement billboard – the crisp, retro font introducing “Emily” alongside the actor help to evoke feelings of hazy summers. The visual effect on the acoustic guitar is stunning – flitting between images of atmospheres and stars, fitting in well with the beach theme the video continues to have.

The vocals slide easily, the hooks are effortless and the video alongside these will make a great summer anthem. My favourite part is around 3:06 in the video where there is a stunning instrumental of keyboard and guitar, with fading in and out shots on a paradise-looking beach. “I’m sure that Emily was looking for fun”, the vocalist muses.

The layered, refined production does not draw attention away from the lyrics, nor does it overpower the flow of the music video. The electric guitar hooks in the background are catchy and captivating – I can’t get them out of my head even now. I will definitely keep up with Maybelleen and am very glad I got the chance to review them!

Words Emma Stevens

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