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The Letrasets

Looking for your next indie band obsession? Look no further, Liverpool based Indie jangle-pop band The Letrasets will have you hooked.

Emerging into the young Liverpool indie scene, the Letrasets are guaranteed to be the most streamed on your Spotify.

Having played support slots alongside SPINN, the Monks, Cascaders and Ask Elliot the band are growing quite a following.

Attracting a cool following of nearly six thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, describing their music as “sing-y song-y chorus pedal always on-y”.

Their first release, ‘Dunes’ came out in 2019, hitting 53 thousand streams on Spotify. Instantly a fans favourite, with the catchy riffs and powerful vocals.

Along with ‘Castles’ these tracks are expertly crafted, their take on jangly indie-pop sound, with harsh vocals and lead guitar sound, make them a guaranteed favourite for the mosh pit.

‘Cherry Blue’ their 2020 release follows suit, an instant hit with the listeners.

I contacted the band to ask a few questions:

Who are your influences?

“There’s too many to count but to name a few; the smiths, the cure, ride, suede and jaws. We really like the shoegaze sound and we loved supporting sorry as well.”

How would you describe your music?

“We find it a bit hard to describe our sound but it’s indie along the lines of jangle and rock but we try to be a bit darker for fun.”

Finally, have you used lockdown to create more music?

“We’ve been writing stuff separately and sending demos which can be fun, but definitely harder than being able to play together. Tom’s pretty good at making songs with logic but we’ve also been working on plans for releases and recording which will hopefully be cool.”

Why not make them your favourite in lockdown and beyond?

Follow their socials for updates and stream their songs, you won’t regret it!

Article by Megan Riley

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