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HAiG – Never Enough

If you’re a fan of rock n roll, HAiG is the band for you. Up and coming four-piece UK rock n roll band have released their latest track ‘Never Enough’ an energetic love song which does not disappoint. Powerful vocals and heavy drums take the listener on a journey of fighting a losing battle in love but encourage the listener to keep going if it’s worth fighting. Everything about this release ticks the right boxes, one listen and you will have their Spotify on shuffle, I know I did.

Frontman Billy’s experience with Catfish and the Bottlemen alongside Carl, as well as Joe’s experience in the music scene have given HAiG an instantaneous worldly feel. Producing what can only be described as an explosive, melodious rock n roll sound with a hint of alternate flavour.

A band to keep your eye on, you can look forward to their Debut EP ‘Freeze The World’ coming soon.

Check out the band’s socials for updates and listen to the track below.

Article by Megan Riley

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