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The Viewers – Unstoppable

Today I would like to introduce you to a band from Cornwall / UK who just released their fourth album “Unstoppable” … The Viewers.

Founded in 2011 they are a five piece band, their music is most influenced by the sounds of the 60s and mid 70s.

Their music has been greatly recognised as they are represented at numerous radio stations around the world. Special internet radio programs and also on network FM stations in major cities. They also proudly appeared on BBC introducing stages and performed on many live broadcast shows.

the viewers

The Band:

Paul Eustice (rythm guitar/lead vocals)

Mark Watson (lead guitar/vocals)

Kevin Procter (bass, vocals)

Dave Stone (drums, percussion)

Carolyn Bruce-Spencer (backing vocals)

The new album is the fourth to be released and the first after a line up change two years ago.

Before it was the albums:

“All The Things We Never Had” “Let Light In” and “Universal Sky” which was produced by the Grammy Award winning producer Nigel Gray who produced the first three albums for The Police. The new one was produced by Colin Hannah.

The Album:

With the song “1234567″ they start a firework of good mood that will go through the whole album.

Listen to “Hip Shake”and it won’t keep you in the chair. Thrilling, rocking and danceable, simply great.

And there is no time to breathe deeply than with “ You’re the Loser” the next song is already waiting for us with a fast rhythm and totally upbeat.

Colours of Her Hair (Ali’s Song) is a beautiful calm song with strong lyrics, reminds me of the Beatles.

I feel so Alive” has a groovy sound with powerful lyrics.

“Beautiful”, a song that exudes pure joie de vivre and optimism with a catchy melody.

Unstoppable”, reminds me of The Sweet and the drums are terrific, a song full of life and energy.

“5 Weeks” comes along jazzy with a melody that steps into your brain.

“Search for Pearls’, excellently sung delivered with rocking vibes.

“She Says Yeah’ is passionate  with a thick bass line and the crowning glory of a fantastic album that shows that the music of the 60s and 70s are still totally up to date and hopefully never go out of style.

From start to finish “Unstoppable”  is a total romp of an album, a treat for the ears and hopefully we will hear a lot more from this fantastic band.







Radio Stations who played The Viewers and “Unstoppable”

Belter Radio – UK

Radio Wigwam – UK

The Face Radio – USA

Radio TFSC – Germany

Zone Radio – SA

The Music Authority- USA

Indie Star Radio – USA

Radio KC – France

Catorweb Radio – USA

Gadget G Radio – UK

Banks Radio Australia

New Music Radio – Canada

Target Radio – UK

Super Sound Radio (album of the week) – UK

Source FM – UK (tracks and interview)

Sound of Spitfire – UK (tracks, interviews, 2 bespoke shows)

Islands FM – Scilly ISles

Neue Regel Radio- UK

Ayreshire Online Radio – UK

etunesmusic (etunesUK) – UK

The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy – USA


Blasts That Last – Singapore

Lonely Oak Radio – USA

Timeless Hits Radio – USA

KC Café – USA

Radio St Austell Bay – UK

The Retweeter

LucyRacquelandM – pushing one track from the album every day since April 19th


Review written by Martina Doerner

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