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Lucy, Raquel and me -Melancholy Fraise

My review today invites you to meet a truly exceptional band. Let me introduce you to Lucy, Racquel and Me .

When I read the story of the band for the first time I thought that it is not possible .. these artists make such harmonious music, they have to spend a lot of time together .. but far from it … they have never met!

Three countries, three different continents, what a story. Lucy is the Lyricist of the band, based in Australia, Racquel is the singer from California and Phil is the composer, located in France. Together they let fly words, melodies and singing around the world to present us such wonderful music like in the album Melancholy Fraise.

Nine great songs,a mix of pop and folk, rousing and empathetic, going in the ear and staying in the memory.

Blues components and danceable tracks make the music of this trio so varied and never boring.

I’ve chosen the song In Times Long Gone for you today but I would like to recommend the whole range of music to you.

Check them out on all Platforms, give them a hearing and spread their music because they are the best example that music connects people!

Words Martina Doerner

4 thoughts on “Lucy, Raquel and me -Melancholy Fraise

  1. Paul Hulm

    Great review on Lucy Racquel and Me by Martina Dorner. THE word on Independent artists.

  2. Farmacyde

    Great review!!!

  3. Stephen Chivers

    Great article. Great read.

  4. Jad

    Thank you Martina Doerner for this review. This is such an interesting story and I love learning about the very diverse backgrounds. Looking forward to hearing the songs. I always feel it’s nice to be introduced and good review certainly helps. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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