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Dave Shurr – Always Be

Did you get a chance to see Dave Shurr’s new video/ song that came out last Friday?

The lockdown, wherever we may be, is affecting each and every person differently. Often these feelings include fear, and a lot of people are starting to take time with their family for granted less. I think this song (though I don’t know whether this inspired it at all or not), with its elements of country and folk, helps bring us down to the ground a little.

Shurr’s voice, as ever, wonderstrucking and captivating, takes us on a journey with a personal narrative. The home family videos create a familial feel for most of us, with lyrics emphasising love and “amazing grace”. We are told that “in my heart they’ll always be”, reminding us how lucky we are to have (if we do) family.

Let us know your thoughts on this track!

Words Emma Stevens

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