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King Zero – Sonic

Even by my limited rock music knowledge, I can assure you that this band firmly have their feet in that genre.

The introductory song of “Sonic”, named “Black Stoned Heart”, immediately encompasses me with an attention-grabbing collaboration of fuzzy guitars and erratic drums.

As strange as it may sound, the closest thing I can describe this song to is the atmosphere of a wrestling or similar match, it is as though the energy of the song is released through your speakers.

This is not a cliché rock song; the natural crescendos and timeless guitar solos make sure of that.

“In Your Eyes” flows easily on from the previous song, with a powerful force of musical arrangement such as the serene backing vocals juxtaposing with the primary vocals’ harsh tones.

There is “no way out of here”, so the vocalist declares which effortless fits with the manic yet effortless sounding instruments.

A good indication of a good song I find, as a songwriter myself, is when I stop noticing the rhymes.

This occurred throughout this song, the spirited production makes me feel that the artistry displayed can only go onwards an upwards.

“Into The Light” is my personal, favourite track. I can hear lesser-sounding electric guitars in this song which add a nice element of spontaneity into the other similar sounding tracks.

The primary vocalist, with a voice that is almost as distinctive as Springsteen’s, wearily lets the listener know that is “round and round and round we go” and that he “can’t do this on my own”.

This, to me, is the most emotional song, as it incorporates all the things about rock music, I like best; booming electric guitar and human lyrics.

I could see this song easily becoming a banger on a rock/emo floor of a club.

My favourite part about this song is the bridge’s “I can’t do this on my own” left to hang with the perfect amount of reverb to create the feeling that one is shouting into the void.

The final song, “Fuel the Fire”, seemingly absorbs all the past rock music sounds and produces something familiar yet unexpected.

I adored the insanely catchy guitar hooks which are still stuck in my head after only my third listen.

The repetition of imperative verbs, “Feel the rhythm”, “Spin me around” and “Put me down” create an anthem feeling that I would love to hear in an arena sized venue.

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Words Emma Stevens

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