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Cavey – About To Start

I was hooked from the second I heard this seductive, bluesy ballad.

It could almost be a protagonist’s theme song in an action movie.

It could also be a soul-refined waltz. It could be… just about anything.

The wailing guitars almost echo the singer’s sentiment of what it is to be an artist.

Not all is showbusiness and bright lights, the sacrifice of arguably giving up to your all to be your all leaves a vulnerability perhaps most musician can share.

The vocalist is almost telling the audience as much as he is telling himself: “I’m just about to start”.

Despite the vulnerable nature of this song, building to a crescendo every time the aforementioned lyric is yelped, the jazz inflections are what I would say make this band really stand out.

It is not what I expected, which makes it all the better. I don’t think these potent jazz inflections are mis-used or over-used, they add character to the song in order to make the storytelling really come alive, especially around 2:32.

I could see this song being played in a 60s/70s movie the more and more I listen to it.

It’s sultry, it’s emotional and it’s empowering. The sounds may indeed be “vintage”, but the trials and tribulations of being a musician have only been spoken about in modern times, giving the lyrical imagery an edge.

Words Emma Stevens

Musik Magazine

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  1. Yvng Nova

    Is there a soundcloud link to this song?

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