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Golden ! Hybrid M.P. , Autumn Wyld, Indigo.St. and James Moon New Track out the 25/10/17!

I love the use of the breathing sound at the start, it makes it seem as if something very dramatic is about to happen, the sounds used at the start are similar to the noise of a large exhale.

The twinkling sounds of the keyboard adds to the steady build up of the beginning of the track.  Then Autumn’s voice erupts in to action sounding the perfect balance of powerful and catchy.

Her vocal range is very good I like her soft but powerful sounding voice, she has a lovely tone to it, when she’s able to take it really low.


Then Hybrid M.P begins to rap, his style in the track is quirky and I love it! I think that he reflects so much personality and presence in this feel good track.”I put them on a track because it feels less revealing.” I love the use of his lyrics, it seems like he’s talking about love but it still has a positive vibe to it.  It is a very in-depth song the more you listen to it.

At first glance I would have described it as having a simple twinkly party sound, but the more I listened to it I realised how many layers it had.

The lyrics and the rapping isn’t just about nothing, it all relates together and seems to tell a story about each of these artists personal things that they hold close to them.

Hybrid M.P.

I like the beat behind the song it made me feel motivated, which is good, I felt like I could work out to this song or go for a run to it.

I like Indigo.St’s rapping I think he’s quick thinking and that his bars flow well within the track.  “high five to my demons” The lyrics are unusual, it’s refreshing to hear rap without the rapper talking about how much they like to sleep with b*tches.

James Moon

I liked the transitions between each of the sections of the music when the artist changed it felt very fluid and the musicality was awesome! This track highlights producer James Moon’s abilities exceptionally .

These guys are clearly all one’s to watch in the new music world. Golden published by Silent Audio signed by Opulent brings a range of artists together not only from Cambridgeshire but with an American producer. They’ve all shown imaginative, original creations musically and should be proud!

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