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Billie Marten @ The Ferret Preston

The atmosphere was vey relaxed and embracing. Lots of people were stood around listening and watching with a single drink in hand for most. Not many were dancing they were bobbing or swaying.

Billie had been previously been sat on the floor watching the previous support acts had gathered quite a crowd.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at all, I knew she was a folk singer but I didn’t realise just how high quality her voice was. She reminded me a lot of Daughter.

She played the guitar gently and used the power of her voice to grasp the audience. The vocals were sadly lost at one point during her set from the distant chatter of the people still eating in the venue, however that’s to be expected in an intimate environment where everybody is in one medium sized room.

I honestly felt that she transformed the room with her voice like a soothing wave, it carried across the room and her ability to travel through the different octave’s really exceeding expectations.


One person in the audience referred to her as having ” a voice of an angel”

Her set as a whole was very delicate however her vocals were the strength behind it, I wouldn’t have faulted it.

The only thing I would fault is that I struggled to hear what she was saying in-between as she spoke very quietly.

I liked how after her set she walked straight in to the crowd like there was no divide between the performer and the watcher.

Click here to listen to Billie Marten

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