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David Shurr – Forever & a Day

Having had the pleasure to review “The Thread Connecting Us” in this summer just gone, I was delighted to get the chance to review David Shurr’s latest release of “Forever & a Day”.

David Shurr.jpg

He is clearly very passionate about his work; all of my questions are answered with enough material to both ask further questions from alongside delve deeper into the working mind of a keen-eared musician.

For me, the highlight of the song is the humbly sung “But I just thought I’d mention it”, after simple yet emphatic lyrics are sung which seem to be the protagonist of the song wondering whether they have a chance to get back with someone. More importantly, whether it’s even worth bringing the subject up. I feel this represents an overall theme of sincerity.

Dave tells me that he had edited some of the chords after an initial run-through – not that you can tell because it’s seemingly masterfully done, all from the comfort of his own home. I talk about panning a bit and although he had differing reasons for choosing when and where to pan, he is open and receptive to my interpretation and is fully supportive of the idea that the listener has the final, subjective say on what both lyrics and production mean to them.

David Shurr 2

Check out the song as well as the video – I promise you’ll be as equally delighted as I was on my first (and tenth) listen!

Photo credit – John Middleham

Click here to listen.

Words Emma Stevens


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