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REL- Surgery

R E L is a 23yr old singer-songwriter who describes her sound as a genre of which she has created called EVOCA – POP. Her new single entitled ‘Surgery’ is a thought provoking track with a focus on an important and hard hitting topic of self love.

More importantly, the track provides insight into overcoming anorexia, body dysmorphia and eating disorders, all issues that affect so many people in modern society.

The single offers an outlet for those experiencing struggles with self love or acceptance and this appears fitting as music is a powerful source of comfort and inspiration for so many.

For R E L, the track is written and delivered from a personal experience of difficulty as she had to overcome her own battle with anorexia for many years.

When discussing the reasoning for her anthem she explains,  “Music can heal. I’ve chosen to make a 3-side album to address each phase of healing as its own story & as part of a bigger story.

I developed anorexia at a very young age (7) & struggled with it for many years. Side A tells the story of a first stage of healing – facing the problem, realizing you’ve been hurting yourself.

Self compassion is the first step towards peace.” Surgery is the 3rd track on Side A; the song is co-written w Will Everett & prod by ADHD, mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

Upon listening the track features soft piano tones, complimented by breathy vocals delivering straight to the point lyrics.

It oozes personal pain and honest projection of struggle that conjures imagery of R E L sat in her room relaying her experience.

Tracks like these add a twist to modern day pop when they carry a weighty message, a welcome alternative to the usual drivel of nonsense more commonly found on the mainstream soundwaves.

It is clear this artist is on a mission to spread encouragement of self love, a message for many that is important to be heard.

Words Kerri Marie Lacey

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