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Thieves & Lovers – Underneath

Thieves & Lovers – Underneath Formed in California, 2014.

Thieves & Lovers take influence from bands like Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday and curiously, the Goo Goo Dolls.

A generous serving of that blend of bands rests at the bottom of the glass if their latest single release, ‘Underneath’ were a cocktail.

In the build – a pacey drum track bursting with fills, a handful of chords and a guitar tone so tangy, you’ll squint.

On top – extravagant and emotional lyrics, layered with shaken and strained vocals that are thankfully diluted by the flair of the lead guitar, however over-poured.

As for the intoxication? None, may as well be a mocktail. Catchiness is clearly the intention for the song but sobriety remains post consumption.

One day, this band may be closely regarded with the genre, pop-punk but my tongue has to taste more strength, fun and practice with the pace before fitting them into such a strict category.

Words Simon Harwood

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