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Dyln – Call Me What You Want

“Call Me What You Want” carries the attitude, melodies, and vocal tones of an instantly relatable punky rocky track.

I enjoy loud music to fill silences – as I’m sure a lot of people do – whether that’s isolation (lockdown, anyone?), or when you’re going through awho gives a f*ck what anyone thinks of you, drive down the highway singing at the top of your lungs with the music blasting kind of song” – as Dyln perfectly puts it.

I absolutely love this track, the lyrics “call me what you want, don’t play with me cause I’m a loaded gun” are spinning around my head as I type this up. Reminiscent of early Avril Lavigne, Dyln showcases pure, creative talent here, and frankly, I just love it!

You absolutely have to check this one out!

Article by Emma Stevens

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