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Mica Millar – Not The First

Manchester-based singer/songwriter Mica Millar makes a statement with latest single, Not the First.

Are you finding that you’re getting tired of the same old routine from the likes of Adele and Emeli Sande? Well don’t worry. A new voice has emerged in the North-West of England. Manchester’s blonde bombshell Mica Millar.

2017 has been a real breakout year for Miss Millar. Her debut single My Lover, which came out in March, established her as one of the most revered and sort after new artists in the North West area. Her follow up single, Not the First looks set create a similar buzz for the Manchester-based songstress.

The video sees Mica sat at an old piano in the middle of a former cotton mill in the industrial part of Manchester. She lights up the dingy room with her short blonde hair and her striking red dress which trails far behind her. The dress juxtaposes her dull surroundings and symbolises lust and desire for more than the isolation which she finds herself in.

There is such control and confidence in Mica’s voice, every emotion she wants to convey bleeds through and grips your soul. You feel the emptiness of the relationship she is singing about, and it sticks with you long after the song ends. This may only be her second release, but this is the sound of a real star in the making. Her voice wouldn’t be out of place singing the next James Bond theme song.

If there’s any drawback, it would be that Not the First seems to be building to a real crescendo, but that never really happens so the ending falls a little bit flat. Regardless, this is a real statement from Mica Millar. Remember that name because she’s a star whose stock is only going to keep rising.

Click here to watch Mica Millar’s music video

Words Daniel Morris

Musik Magazine

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