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When all Else Fails @The Strawberry

When All Else Fails are a cover band from Barrow, despite thinking what is the point of a cover band I was completely taken back.

Not only did these guys have more personality than some of the original content makers I’ve listened to, they had a sense of humour.

24824204_225621037978222_301898129_n.jpgThey each took it in turns to tell some quite frankly tickling stories about their awkward run ins with band promoter’s and getting banned from a venue.

I was shocked to see the pub come alive and the band being greeted by a sea of mixed aged audience members that didn’t just stay in their seats, they got involved.

One lady was  so involved she was dancing at the front for the duration of the set.

I manage to capture the moment when the keyboard player Matt stood away from his stand to play a song. Keyboard grasped in one hand I was astonished.

The concentration on Danny the lead guitarist’s face was brilliant.  His quick remarks to the crowd alongside Kane drummer and bassist were comical.

I could tell that they were all so in sync with one another, the enthusiasm was shown throughout the performance of their songs.

I loved the cover of Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang, I was amazed at the high-speed they performed it at and the stage presence they each gave was so powerful.

They are clearly talented individuals, that take their work seriously and know how to draw in a crowd.


My favourite moment out of the whole gig had to be the very end, they were overrunning by 10 minutes and promised us a Christmas song and what did we get?

Killing in the Name Of ! and It was so original but such a cover in the same way, almost indescribable.  All I know is I was right by the speaker bobbing my head to it even shouting at the chorus.

I’ve seen people attempt this before but never to a pub full of mixed age groups.Someone’s grandma was amongst the audience and she loved it !

Sadly that was When All Else Fail’s last gig for a long time, if not ever and I was grateful to have enjoyed it and I do hope that they continue with their music in the future.



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  1. james kirkby

    glad you enjoyed the gig!! 😀 <3 and glad you enjoyed the sheer power and fericoity of the last few songs! (of which i was the hair flinging, tub-thumping animal at the back for 😉 )

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