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21 Grams Live -Enson Works

This Alternative rock band have written a dazzling album Enson Works.

It has 8 songs on it:

Skins and Scars,

Sleeping Dogs,


In my Head,

Don’t Cry,

Our Time Will Come,

Kill the Lights,

21 Grams

This alternative rock band have an interesting style to their songs, in parts it’s calming and in others it’s a lot more dynamic. I liked the guitars presence because it sounded strong and it gave the song momentum.

I didn’t however enjoy the grittiness of the singers tone of voice. I don’t think it was to my preference but it had a certain quirk about it that I can see why it’s appealing.

I do not wish to bad mouth these guys at all because their whole album was recorded live, which takes skill and to not mess about with it intently afterwards. Presumably the recording of the album was done in one take on each song?

Photo Sourced by 21 Grams

I think that although unusual in sound they a worth a listen it’s always great to listen to a variety of genres and a variety of musicians.






If you wish to listen to 21 Grams album Enson Works click here.

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