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Top 3 up and coming musicians 2017

I believe there is a real importance that goes unnoticed with up and coming bands, you don’t know where they could turn up next, they could either disappear in to the music graveyard or they could grow and become bigger than expected.

These are my top Three favourite up and coming artists.

Dave Shurr- A Face in The Crowd

 Dave Shurr an indie artist from Preston has released a cover of the song a Face in the Crowd.

22446780_884364091724121_1392239327_nThis song immediately makes you feel good, it creeps in with a hypnotic beat and then maintains a steady laid back rhythm.

Shurr has a voice that sounds almost therapeutic and has an old fashioned style twang to it, his voice sounds a lot more mature than his age which provides a very calming element to it.

His vocals provide a pleasant comfort with softly spoken lyrics.



Hybrid M.P. – Golden ft Autumn &Indigo st

hybridmp Hybrid M.P is a rapper from Cambridgeshire, he has an underlying quirky style imprinted in his music.

Golden intrigues you with female singer Autumn who features heavily in the chorus.

An exhale starts off this song with an electronic sound starting immediately after, several funky synths exist in this track, then Autumns vocals come in.

It’s almost like Hybrid M.Ps lyrics overlay the song without fitting fully with the melody, it doesn’t sound odd though it sounds memorable. I like the way the song is put together, it reminds me of the summer, the beat is contagious and makes you want to react to it in a positive way.

The Empire Police- Yesterday

Empire police

The Empire Police are currently making music in Manchester but always make an appearance on the Preston music scene, they are indie/ alternative band.

The bands song Yesterday is a calmer version of their previously released music.

Through my headphones I could hear alternating beats in either ear then an eruption of differentiating drums, guitar and vocals. I think this song has character and helps to highlight that with the strength of the introduction.

I throughly recommend you listening to this song with headphones on and you’ll understand what I mean.

The lyrical work of this song was creative  “all your sons and daughters are still chasing yesterday, say you need it say you want it now” I like the use of rhyming in the lyrics it makes it catchy but it doesn’t seem to be overpowering. Even with all the layering in the song, everything was very equalised and sounded very well mixed, the lyrics were not louder than the backing.

My personal favourite thing about this track had to be the guitar solo towards the end of the song, it left me speechless, I mean it’s not quite Jimmy Hendrix but it was still powerful.


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