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John Butler Trio

If you like John Butler Trio, you’ll be glad to know this Australian award winning singer/songwriter and the band are touring Europe this October.

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Find out more about tickets by clicking here 

He has a lot of vibrant songs well worth going to see live, from what Musik Magazine can tell this performance should not be missed.

To have a listen here’s a few tracks below.

Click here to listen to “Just Call”

Click here to listen to “Tell Me Why”

What you’re hearing is the destination, but getting here felt like an odyssey; some right of passage that I couldn’t go around, couldn’t go over, couldn’t go under; I had to go through.  This album is my most personal work yet and it feels like taking it on the road to connect with fans directly is the final act of delivering this body of workThis album touches on the anxieties and demons I’ve been grappling with since the last album, but it’s also full of joy, hope and redemption, and I’m looking forward to conveying the stories and passion of all of this journey one on one live with fans.”John Butler


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