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Wayley – What’s it gonna take?

Have you ever asked a question and felt disappointed when you found out the answer? Have you ever been in love but felt so alone? Have you ever wanted something to last but know it has to end? These were just a few questions i found myself asking while listening to Wayleys latest single ‘What’s it gonna take?’

There’s a very satisfying sense of wonder while listening to the brand new track by Wayley. ‘What’s it gonna take?’ asks the brutally honest question of the commitment of two souls in a despondent relationship.

There’s absolutely no denying that Wayleys lyrics are written with passion, feeling and of course experience. I can imagine that there are vast amounts of paper napkins with snippets of lyrics and song ideas, not only physically but mentally.

Musically it all blends together smoothly. There’s no overpowering of any one instrument, it all sits together harmoniously, like intended. The horn section is also an added extra bringing that slight contrast of a bigger sound but still sounds pleasant in the mix. Anyway who doesn’t like a horn section? Right?

So ‘What’s it gonna take’ for you to press play and listen?


Article by Ashleigh Vaughan

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