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Moon tower – Got My Way

Ever wondered what electro-pop, melodic hooks and anthemic grooves sound like? Wonder no more as Moontower has the answer. There’s something slightly contagious while listening to the indie trio, the vibe and the feel is very, very addictive.

‘Got My Way’ is the latest concoction of electro bliss and like all previous Moontower singles it does not disappoint. The song itself conjures up the thoughts and feelings of the near loss of a loved one. We all take things for granted and i’m sure we all feel guilty from time to time. The shady lyrics of forgiveness and fault fit well with the driving electronic beat and gives the track more meaning as well as a punchy statement.

It’s easy to describe what makes Moontower so appealing. The way indie-guitar’s meet post new wave, pop and synth provides for an enjoyable experience. That’s why Moontower are at the forefront and continue to make edgy and contemporary music.

‘Got My Way’ isn’t so much a song as it is an anthem. Out Now.


Article by Ashleigh Vaughan

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