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Denise Valle – E D G E

First of all, let me start by saying how I love the space/ literal edges between the words in the title.

Valle also adds, “I chose to pair uplifting melodies and beats that infuse courage on each track . The title of this E.P is an acronym for Every Day Give Everything.”

With the recent turn of sunshine to stormy winds here in Lancashire at least, this track might just be the pick-me-up we need.

I love the way the song opens, with a vibrant beat panned perhaps slightly to my right, before breaking into an almost narrative lyrical piece about waking up, “pulls me out of my projections”.

In terms of how and why the song was written, Valle states it “came out of a desire to be more vulnerable with my songwriting. When I met my producer and co-writer two years ago, I wanted to shed light on a day in the life of living with depression and anxiety.”

Take a listen and make sure to share your opinions!

Article by Emma Stevens

Musik Magazine 2021

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