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Wildlife – No Control

Wildlife have just released their new single ‘No Control’. The song highlights the bands high energy take on indie rock with powerful vocals. The leader singer describes their latest single as: “ No Control is our take on a Springsteen-style song, that’s also kind of calling into question some of the issues around classic rock archetypes. It all seems very “dude-centric” still. Toronto is an amazing place to live for all it’s diversity, but sometimes all that can get taken for granted. This song is from the perspective of someone that might want to be a kind of ally, but feels lost or helpless or like they don’t have a place in the conversation. Well you CAN help the people around you who are marginalized, but it means speaking the fuck up when the chance presents itself.”

Their new album ‘Take the light with you’ is out October 11th, so be sure to head over to Spotify and give it a listen.


Words Meg Lowing

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