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Gunner- Songs for Neve

Gunner’s accent immediately accentuates the tracks, the classic acoustic style is complimentary to this sweet E.P.

The laid back, wide voweled tracks have essence and personality.

This is a great story telling form, people forget that in the past songs were used to tell stories.

All the songs seem to follow on from each other, they each describe this person called Neve who clearly means a lot to the singer. It’s like a love story.

These tracks would be great live, they are catchy and the chorus on Occupied was quite folky and a little bit Passenger-esque.

This particular artist could take further influence from artists such as Beans on Toast, Will Varley and Passenger.

Gunner has a lot of potential but perhaps needs to become a bit more confident. You can fall in to the trap of muffling your words when you sing which can sometimes take away from the meaning.

This is such lovely thing to do for someone and I’m sure Neve will be so happy knowing that he has written about her. Taking inspiration from people around you can make some of the most powerful tracks.

Well worth a listen.

Words Emily Vass

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