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 The following interview is with Julia Clark the front woman of BEESIGHDUH, drummer John Purkey worked alongside on drums recording his parts from Washington.

“Mime Games” is about being bored of life’s questions, spiritual questions, etc— The whole ‘why are we here’ thing.

It’s also autobiographical and like every song I write, has multiple meanings that are layered and relate to each other. 

I’m the front-woman of the band Beesighduh aka B-Side. I started playing guitar around 9 years old, formed a band by 12, recorded in a profession studio by 14. I’ve released over 40 albums, which include tons of demos.

My most memorable experience with music is playing multiple shows at this dirty local club in Massachusetts called Gabby’s around 1999. It was total punk, a mess, it was a blast.”

How would you describe your sound?

“Grunge though and through, or so I’ve been told. I’d say that’s accurate.”

Have you ever experienced any negativity or prejudice from the industry ?

“I have a former band member that I can longer function with that have said and done awful things to me because of their prejudice.

When I told my drummer that I was transgender (in 2004) He told me that I wasn’t allowed to be trans as long as I was his roommate. I moved out and fired him.

The music industry is a little more open than most others. Trans musicians have been Out and around since pop music started.

The problem now, and also then, is that it still isn’t enough exposure in pop music. It’s still disproportionate to the number of actual trans musicians.”

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to express themselves with music which may not conform to the mainstream?

“All of your music idols are from the past, take what they did and use that to express yourself if you like, but all of that is old–and you are new, and the World needs New. The World needs new individuals to influence others in positive ways.”

With official Pride celebrations being postponed this year due to Covid -19 will you be having / had your own celebrations?

“I spread Pride everyday by just existing and talking to people. This year will be like the last. I’m always answering questions and always trying to show people that trans folks are just as normal as anyone else.”


I certainly have had hardships related to transitions the biggest hurdle I had to cross, was myself. I was really embarrassed, but I never should have been. And that’s why I still make music, because if someone doesn’t like me for who I am, screw them. I want every trans musician everywhere to feel this way, so I speak out for them.”

Have a listen below.




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