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BACK TO ACID – Antarctica Apartment

There aren’t many soundtrack and cinematic techno music duos that I know of, but it was a pleasant surprise to discover Antarctica Apartment.
Despite the group’s name, they are based in both Barcelona and Ibiza. You can tell that the music video was created to run alongside the track, all unique to each individual listener.
I was lucky enough to be able to interview them, check out what I found out below…
How did you come up with the name ‘Antarctica Apartment’?
I dreamed about it a while ago. It clicked right away. Antarctica for me represents the least explored and mysterious continent on the planet. It is also isolated from the human being. Having an apartment there would be something very surreal but that is where we would compose the best hits ever made.
Who are your biggest influences?
We were experimental hip hop beat-makers as youngsters. We listened (and still do) a lot of J Dilla, Madlib or El P since it was the most trendy alternative rap back then. But talking about today, we really find inspiration everywhere like in the movies; Gaspar Noé, Ari Aster, Keneth Anger, David Lynch… About today musicians I can tell you names like Jon Hopkins, Rival Consoles, Chemical Brothers, James Blake, Sebastian Tellier, Flavien Berger or The Blaze. But I can keep telling you a long list of artists outside this particular genre that are extremely inspiring to us like Radiohead / Tom Yorke, Kanye West, Bon Iver, Portishead, etc
How would you describe your creative process when making music?
I usually start a basic beat (Guillermo) which I return to a couple of times for some weeks. When I have something consistent I kinda like, I send it over to David. Then he usually makes arranges and mixes everything to sound the right way (he is the sound engineer in the duo besides composer; im the filmmaker / composer).
I must add that beside those tracks we released (exclusively made for the love of art) we often work as professional soundtrack composers on films and documentaries.
Do you put any hidden meanings into songs, or leave it up to full interpretation of the listener?
I think we kinda do both. Both of us have always been geeks of semiotics and symbology in music videos and inside rap lyrics. As a filmmaker I try to make the videos almost parallel to the gestation of the music. I do not want a video to simply follow a music track, I want small and intense movies with soundtracks. What we like most to see, is how different people vision change the perception of our music and videos.
Do you ever really know when a song is “done”?
We do.
How would you describe “BACK TO ACID” in one sentence?
Lets travel back to the era where electronic music was raw and confusing in a good / bad way like an LSD trip.
I hope you enjoy the track and video as much as I did.
Words Emma Stevens

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