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Indigo Youth-Neon Nights

This catchy gradual beat just erupts in to a killer verse with unusual lyrics. I wasn’t expecting that from Indigo Youth.

The Indie pop group with personality,  flower the listeners with a sense of quirky synths and a heavy feel of nostalgia.

Indigo Youth - Promo Pic
Photo Sourced – Indigo Youth

A leading angelic voice becomes backed up with sensational keys and drumming that just sets Neon Nights apart.

This song differs incredibly from other well known indie bands as the power Indigo Youth inject in to each performance and song are mesmerising in quality.

Not just a load of generic noises instead they erupt with strings that are so complimentary to the style of the song.

They give such a feel good vibrancy to the track and the relaxing flow to the music is easy going and laid back but it’s somewhat hypnotic with the backing.

It is easy to imagine listening to this song and reminiscing heavily about happier times. It isn’t a dark negative song although it does sound mystical.

The artwork have a sense of 80s cinema about it, I really like the concept behind the picture and the neon bright colours.

This song is one for your playlist this month and highly recommended!

Neon Nights Release Date Promo.jpg




Words -Musik Magazine

Photos Sourced- Eshi- Indigo Youth

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