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Suave Martyrs – Cascades of Gold

Released on 12th February 2021, Suave Martyrs have an earworm loaded, psychedelic grooved tune that’s sure to become stuck in your head.

Suave Martyrs consist of;

– Brad Miller: Vocals

– Ben Greenhalgh: Vocals + Guitar

– Sam Brunt: Vocals + Guitar

– Stu Maxwell: Bass

– Biscuit: Drums

This talented bunch are one of Manchester’s exciting new prospects, blending elements of ‘60s West Coast rock, Madchester era indie and psychedelia. The song to me helps represent themes such as escapism and adventure.

Take a listen for yourself ! –


Check out their official website here – https://www.suavemartyrs.com/

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Article by Emma Stevens

Musik Magazine 2021

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